Noy Galron

I’m Noy Galron, a freelance artist, illustrator, and designer. I graduated from Bezalel, the academy of art and design in Jerusalem, with a degree in fine art in 2020. Then I moved to Amersfoort to be with my girlfriend.

From my home studio, I look out into the forest. Which makes it a cozy place where I can generate ideas and create. Firstly, I was drawn to illustration as a kid because of Miyazaki’s animated films. I loved how magical, adventurous and beautiful the worlds he made were. I have developed my style to create the same feeling. I create characters that make you wonder, and I design worlds that make you want to dive into them. I love to make an entire story in one image.
I am also influenced by the textures and richness of the ink in press print. So in my digital drawings, I use layers like I have pressed ink on paper.

I illustrate using Ipad pro, digital programs, and sketching with classical pencil and paper. I love the possibilities illustrating digitally allows. I work on illustrations for children’s books, pattern design, and giftware. My work takes inspiration from nature. What inspires me is the little details in it, like one mushroom or a stone, and the relationship between trees. For illustration, I interpret the details with imagination and make a story out of them. Design and illustration appear everywhere in our environment and homes. I love to be part of making the little things in life nice and warm for people.

One of my recently recurring characters is a Blackbird. I was looking out of my window and saw a black bird and started imagining it being in different scenarios. I use Blackbird to show freedom, warmth, and love. I am curious about what they will do next.

Noy Galron

Noy 14, 1998
Bezalel, the academy of art and design Jerusalem


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